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Tiger Summons - Posted By Melody Kari Starlight (admin) on 17th Jan 11 at 7:23pm
Family Name Tora

Summoning History A warrior by the name of Yukimunda Kaneda was searching for a suitable place to start his own hidden village after being banished from his own village due to a disagreent with himself and the village kage. He entered a vast jungle and while searching for a clear area he stumbled across a giant tiger. The tiger stood 7 ft tall and to Kaneda's amazement he was capable of talking.

The tiger praised Kaneda for his skills of manouvreing through the jungle and offered his help on condition that he could beat the tiger in battle, the tiger introduced himself as Torashukun. The two immediately began to fight and it was clear that they were equals in battle. The fight raged on for hours and eventually Torashukun acknowledged Kaneda's strength and a contract of blood was signed, the contract allowed Kaneda to summon Torashukun or any of his family should Kaneda need to.

With the help of Torashukun, Kaneda established his own hidden village inside the land of grass and began to obtain members by travelling to nearby villages. During a war between the Land of Grass and the Land of Fire the Yukimunda clan became great enemies with the Kamakura clan. During one suprise attack the Yukimunda clan attacked the Kamakura clan resulting in a great battle.

Torashukun was summoned during this battle however he witnessed the strength of another man known as Kamakura Yoshihiro. Eventually the Kamakura clan were victories and every member of the great Yukimunda clan has been killed, the hidden village created by Kaneda was no longer used and was slowly destroyed by the surrounding forest. Torashukun approached Yoshihiro after the battle and acknowledged his strength, the second signature on the blood contract was formed. Shorlty after this Kamakura Mitsunari was also given the right to sign the contract.

After Yoshihiro's death Mitsunari pleaded with Torashukun to help him regain the glory of his clan, Torashukun agreed and allowed several of the younger clan members to sign the contract.

Summoning Description

The entire Tora family are Tigers with orange, black and white stripes with the exception of Torashuken who is completely pure white with black stipes.

The Tora clan rely on their natural weapons which are their sharp teeth and claws. Some of the family wear armour for protection. They are generally known for their stealth, agility and overwhelming power.

The family are very loyal and will stick with their masters until death, however signing the contract requires the approval of Torashukun. The clan tend to be agressive towards people even that they like and have a short temper.

They normally reside deep within a rainforest in the land of grass.

Summoning Allies

They have respect for anyone with a great amount of strength. They also respect their current masters, the Kamakura clan and anyone who allies with them.

Summoning Enemies

The Tora family have no direct enemies however will quickly become enemies with any who oppose their masters.

---“D” Rank Difficulty Class---

Name: Kodora
Size: Small
Special: None
Gender: Male
Duration: 30 minutes
Personality: Kodora is very lively and active, since he is a cub he is always looking for something to do or play with. He can be easily distracted if not given specific orders and will often wonder away stalking anything that moves. His voice has a higher pitch than the rest of his family and he is also less likely to get angry. He also does not yet know his own limit and will is more than ready to stand up to his enemy regardless of their size and power levels. However once he recieves a display of their power he is often quick to back down.
Description: Being a cub kodora is mainly brown with black and white stripes on his underneath and around his mouth and eyes. He has sharp needle like teeth and sharp claws. He is the son of Torashukun and therefore other summons will show him respect because of his fathers position.
Weapons: Claws and teeth
Jutsus: None

---“C” Rank Difficulty Class---

Name: Oodora
Size: Medium
Special: Wears full body armour and on his legs.
Gender: Male
Duration: 1 hour
Personality: Very quiet and will only speak when abovery *friendly* personely necessary. He is very obediant and is always prepared to take the full force of an attack for his master. He is not aggresive and will rather stand back and assume a defensive role. Although he will attack is forced or order to however this tends to be one quick attack before returning to his defensive role.
Description: Oorora is and orange/brown colour with white patches on his underneath, paws, chest and around his eyers and lower jaw. He has black stripes running up and down his entire body. Oodara also wears armour on his body and legs which is white with large black stripes running down, the rim of the armour has golden spikes. The side of the armour has two panels which open up and are capabale or creating a chakra shield.
Weapons: Claws and teeth.

Name: Chakura no Tate (Shield of Chakra)
Rank: C
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Creates a wall of solid chakra covering the user from attacks from a single direction. The shield is capable of stopping all but the strongest attacks.
Special: None
Drawback: User must remain still during use, if panels become clogged or broken then technique cannot be used. Only blocks from a single direction.
Description: Panels on the users armour or puppet open up and allow strong chakra to flow through them. This chakra flows out into the surrounding area and creates of disc like shape of pure chakra. The chakra forms a barrier which protects the user from attacks in that direction.
Limit: Must have armour or a puppet with panels that chakra can flow through

(whilst I appreciate that the Oodora cannot use puppets this technique was wrote so that puppet users can copy it.)

---“B” Rank Difficulty Class---

Name: Mouko
Size: Medium
Special: Has increased sense of smell and hearing
Gender: Male
Duration: 2 hours
Personality: Mouko is very confident, extremely loyal and sounds very wise when talking. He becomes very excited during battle and can be angered very easily which causes him to charge enemies while letting out a tremendous roar.
Description: Mouko is similar in appearance to Oodora except he has less white areas and thinner but more frequent black stripes. Mouko is known for his great tracking skills and also for his suprise attacks.
Weapons: Claws and teeth.

Name: Meisai No Jutsu (Camouflage technique)
Rank: B
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Blends the user into the background. Does not have the full effects of total invisibility.
Special: None
Drawback: If the opponent concentrates then they can easily still detect the presence of the user. The shape of the body can be seen and the area camouflaged is slightly distorted.
Description: The users markings blend them into the surrounding areas. The user takes on the colour of the surrounding area however their shape and form can still be recognised if the opponent concentrates hard enough. The marking can cause distortions of the surrounding landscape making it more easy to be recognised.
Limit: Must be an animal with marking designed for Camouflage in the wild.

---“A” Rank Difficulty Class---

Name: Torakisaki
Size: Large
Special: none
Gender: Female
Duration: 5 hours
Personality: Torakisaki is calm and very caring. She often worries about every but herself and completed dislike fighting. Although she dislikes fighting she understands that it is sometimes nessecary and therefore will help her allies in anyway without the need for physical violence. She is known for her speed and endurance.
Description: The top of her body is orange-brown with thick black stripes. The bottom part is white with thinner black stripes. She is the mother of Kodora and partner of Torashukun and treats every member of their family as if they were her children. She is very protective and will always assist any ally who has been injured.
History: Torakisaki was wondering around the Jungle when she came across a young and injured Torashukun. Torashukun was close to death and asked Torakisaki to leave him to die. However unwilling to leave someone injured to die she used her techniques to heal his wounds.

After this the two became great friends and spent most of their time together. When they became older Torashukun earnt the title of leader of the Tora family and Torakisaki was granted the title as head female. Shortly after this Torashukun allied himself with a shinobi who had planned to start a hidden village in their Jungle. Although Torakisaki dislike this as she knew that fighting was inevitable she went along with her partners wishes.

Torakisaki remained at the hidden village to heal returning allies or to be summoned to battle to treat those in need. She was often used to transport the severely injured or VIP's away from difficult situations.

After the clan had passed away another ninja signed a contract with her family. Torakisaki was more pleased with this decision as the new clan were less likely to be involved in conflict. Shortly after this she gave birth to her only son Kodora.

Weapons: Claws and Teeth

Name: Healing Saliva
Rank: A
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: The saliva of the user is full of healing chakra which when applied to wounds accelerates the natural regeneration.
Special: None
Drawback: User must remain still over the injured person. Consumes alot of chakra.
Description: The user salivates onto the opponents wounds. The saliva has healing properties similar to that of the Mystical Palm Technique. The saliva increases cell regeneration causing even deep wounds to be healed in a matter of seconds.
Limit: Cannot be used on fatal wounds or bring anything back alive.

---“S” Rank Difficulty Class---

Name: Torashukun
Size: Collossal
Special: none
Gender: Male
Duration: No time limit
Personality: Torashukun is wise and very loyal. He has a very short temper and will snap and become aggressive if anyone annoys him, this counts for allys aswell. He is very confident and loves battle.
Description: Torashukun is completely white with many thin black stripes over his entire body, his fur is also more fluffy around his neck. He has two large teeth on his upper jaw which are always on display and he has bright yellow eyes which a small black vertical pupils which enlarges when suprised, excited or in dark areas.
History: At a young age he faced certain death after being attacked by older members of his family. He was saved by Torakisaki and the two became very close friends. With this new friendship he managed to stay away from trouble as it was more difficult for him to be attacked.

When he became older he decided to take revenge, he approached the older members and challenged them to a battle to the death. Although smaller Torashukun was a born warrior and quickly dealt with his enemies killing all of them. After this he was given the title of Alpha male and having formed a great friendship with Torakisaki he named her as the head female.

Shorlty after he came across a man by the name of Kaneda, the two of them fought and in the end Torashukun was impressed with his strength creating the first summoning contract for his family. Torashukun helped Kaneda form a hidden village and protected it until all of its members had been killed.

After this Torashukun allied himself with the Kamakura clan who had defeated his previous master. Torashukun agreed to help the current leader of the clan to restore its former glory. After agreeing to this Torashukun and Torakisaki had their first son who was named Kodora

Weapons: Teeth and claws
Jutsus: none

Name: Shiro Neko
Size: Large
Special: None
Gender: Female
Duration: 8 hours
Personality: Shiro Neko is only kind to the one who summoned her and their friends. Otherwise she is cold and harsh.
Description: She is the only tiger in the summons who is a white tiger with black stripes, as well as some orange stripes.
History: Shiro Neko was hurt when the head of the tiger summons came to her and once he healed her she joined him and became a sister to him.

Weapons: Teeth and claws
Jutsus: none