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Melody Kari Starlight
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Medical half demon Ninja

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Bloodlimt list (10th May 10 at 9:15am UTC)
Byakugan (Only allowed for the Hyuga clan)

Sharingan (Only allowed for the Uchiha clan)

Bule Sharingan (Only from the Star Clan and the Starlight Clan. Only known member of the Starlight Clan that is still alive is Melody Kari Starlight and Tenshi Starlight No one else is allowed to be a Starlight) *The Bule Sharingan is like the red eyed Sharingan only the Rinnegan is unable to master or even be able to work on it. Meaning the Rinnegan will not work on it.*

Bone Arsenal (Only allowed for the Kaguya clan)

Mirror of Ice Crystals (The one that Haku used with the ice type.)

Chakra Bugs (Only allowed for Aburame clan)

Rinnegan (Only Pain/Pien is allowed unless you get a memeber of staff to allow it)

Ranmaru's kekkei genkai (Ranmaru, from the filler arc of the anime, has a kekkei genkai ability similar to the Byakugan and Zetsu's spying technique, but arguably better than both. Its powers allow him to see through solid objects and create illusions with chakra circulatory systems, which allows him to fool Neji's Byakugan. It also allows him to interfere with the workings of the Byakugan, and has other vaguely defined powers regarding vision. When activated, Ranmaru's eyes momentarily glow red. Not much else is known about his bloodline limit.)

Destructive Absorption: (Only those in the Sheikia Clan can use it unless a member of staff says otherwise. For info on this bloodlimt please see or go to the Custom Shop and scroll down to read it.)

If there are anymore please pm me so I can update the list thank you

M.K.Starlight *

The lost one whom is being controlled.

In this world I see what others can't or wont see. I try to fix there problems before my own that's why they call me a protector, but what happens when I need saving?

Melody Kari Starlight
Emma Rosemary Winchester
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